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Craig McMahon / SlideImage
Designer / Illustrator / Creator for hire. Northern soul from Wigan but based in and around Manchester UK with over ten years experience in all stages of design from conception through to production and installation. 
Previously a partner at LilysDesign working on projects for Leeds & Reading Festival, Manchester University and Kahlúa, exhibition and gallery installations for Manchester Art Gallery, Science Museum, both in the creation and design to install and manufacture, now freelance specialising in graphics and illustration since 2015.
If you would like to know more about my work or would like to discuss a creative project give me a shout.


Instagram @slideimage

  • Badges made for the bike by hossadesign Amazing work again!
  • Little preview of what Im working on at the min
  • Thinking about making some motel keyrings? Maybe a bit to
  • hossadesign done an amazing job making these head badges I
  • Window vinyl for pollenbakery Final touches to the fitout we
  • Howler type type brandidentity logo
  • Logo  brand work in progress wolf logo illustration
  • New cards printed by moo keepthefaith businesscards print
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